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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Part VI

In the meantime rockin' garage monsters keep popping out in the Northwest and around late 1963 another band inspired by success of The Wailers is being born in Tacoma - they are The Sonics. Original members are Gerry Roslie (lead vocal/organs), Andy Parypa (bass), Larry Parypa (electric guitar), Bob Bennett (drums) and Rob Lind (saxophone).

Although very young, boys get their mentors on their side swiftly and Etiquette eventually comes up with The Sonics' first LP Here Are The Sonics, released in early 1965. The album lists hectic, furious songs like Psycho, Boss Hoss or Strychnine... which mark band as a hit project in local ballroom circuit at least one year before they record their LP.

Music of The Sonics is obviously inspired by classic Chuck Berry's and Little Richard's energetic tunes, but their sound is much rawer - an effect of recording it on the cheap - pushing up the tempo as far as it's possible via classic rhythm'n'blues upbeat and making vocals a real frenzy. The Sonics open a door for further evolution of garage rock giving future punk rock a basic concept.

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