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From garage rock to punk rock - evolution of guitar fuzz: Part III

But while December's 1963 winds are blowing, they carry a new sound from UK - The Beatles. Suit'n'tie youngstas from Liverpool land on American charts with their first hit - virgin-sugacoated I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which opens the door for British Invasion... the band is being invited to play on Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 and that spins everything into mass hysteria called promptly Beatlemania by the press.

Surf - till that point very successful - suddenly loses the wave and even sunshine pop groups like The Beach Boys are looking at grim times while nobody wants to book them. Soon whole bag of British beat/pop groups is taking over the charts. Among them are The Zombies, Dave Clark Five and Gerry & The Pacemakerks. But a certain bunch, which arrives as one of the last ones, comes with a totally different sound - heavy and raw. They are The Kinks.

The Kinks (08/1964)

Their legendary 7" You Really Got Me / It's All Right is being issued on 06/08/1964 in UK and 20 days later in USA hitting #7 on Billboard Charts. You Really Got Me is gonna carry away a whole new generation of musicians on both sides of the pond. This cult piece of garage rock has been composed in March by Ray Davies... on piano, inspired by jazz of Gerry Mulligan. 7" released on Pye contains its second, faster version actually, recorded in July, in IBC studios, where The Kinks were enjoying great, natural acoustics.

Hard-hitting, low-hanging sound of Dave Davies' guitar is achieved by recording an Elpico amp - prior to this process its mebrane has been punctuated by needles and cut by razors - through couple of mikes and fading it in and out on the console. A final version of a legendary guitar riff takes shape when The Kinks are playing Louie, Louie in the studio. You Really Got Me becomes with time an iron garage classic, which paves the way for hard rock. Pye follows the same year with first LP of The Kinks.

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