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Re: The Monks - Demo Tapes 1965 (2007)

Cóż ... chyba wszyscy szanujący się miłośnik garażowego grania wie z czym wiąże się nazwa The Monks - to protoplaści punkowego brzmienia, więc nie ma sensu żebym się zbyt wiele rozpisywał - kto chce niech sobie wygugluje.

What the label says about Demo Tapes 1965, by Monks:

Yes, the legendary band the Monks, responsible for one of the most fabulous records of of 60s (Black Monk Time). This is a totally pro studio recording that preceded the album. Here you can find earlier versions of most the album best songs. In this record we have also included two tracks of The Five Torquays (The Monks before changing names and shaving their heads), and one track of the Monks Tribute record Monk Hop by Jason Forrest.

Listen up, jerk, it's black Monk time all over again! This record collects the 1965 demos by the Monks, that storied, proto-punk garage rock platoon comprised of five renegade American GIs stationed in Germany. These sessions aren't really that raw by today's standards (or compared to, say, Stooges bootlegs), but they are grimier and more cavernous than the band's crucial, lone album, the 1966-issued (since reissued) Black Monk Time. Considering the year and the locale in which they were created, the songs on this archival effort are pretty damn bold. Dig singer Gary Burger's mental-ward sermonizing or his gnarled, no wave-ish guitar solos. Feel the primal pulse of his buddies' burbling bass, cheesy-cum-sinister church organ, silly electric banjo and tubby, tom-heavy drums. The Monks, whose Reeperbahn-fueled delusions inspired them to shave tonsures into their heads and wear robes, played the most brilliantly stupid, stripped-down music of the day. They were the self-proclaimed anti-Beatles -- unmelodic, rhythm-based, simplistic and anything but cute. Just listen to the way Burger growls, "Baby, I hate you!," and you'll get the message, loud and clear.

"...the earliest document of their minimalist past...it veers from psychotic nursery-rhyme relentlessness...to distorted psychofolk....a fascinating blueprint for the true deranged genius of BLACK MONK TIME..." MOJO SONGS: Monk Time; Love Came Tumbling Down; Boys Are Boys; Space Age; We Do Wie Du; I Hate You; Pretty Suzanne; Higgle-dy-piggle-dy; Hushie Pushie; Oh, How To Do Now; There She Walks; Boys Are Boys, Monk Hop.

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