Doctor Frond (1998)

Nick Saloman - guitar, vocals
Kev Ellis - vocals, harp
Dave Shah - guitar
Dave Cook - bass
Rick Anderton - drums

These recordings feature the Dr. Brown line-up, jamming with Nick Saloman, recorded in 1995 after the sessions for Dr. Brown's "Another Realm" album. An acid-psych guitar fest that blends the dirty freak rock/blues of Dr. Brown with Nick Saloman's guitar techniques.This album has a limited edition of 500 copies, guaranteed never to be repressed.

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Hi is there any to re upp this post?

also request for reupload, please

Good day anyway to reup this post I say Isay ok?

i'm not sure here as i see load of unanswered requests.. but i'll give it a shout, regarding how rare this release is, so i'll too vote phor a re-Upload, it's really a 'nowhere to be found' Album, no reissues were made, & m not sure but this is not something to drop out of your archives,.. so it'll be great to see it available again. Thank you Anyway.

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