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Vocokesh - Ispepnaibara (1990)

Vocokesh pojawił się w amerykańskim świecie muzycznym na przełomie 1989/90 roku w Wisconsin, kiedy to gitarzysta o swojsko brzmiącym nazwisku Richard Franecki opuścił swój dotychczasowy zespół F/i. Wraz z Janem Schoberem i Stevem Zimmermanem zakłada nową grupę właśnie o nazwie Vocokesh i już w 1990 roku wydają swój pierwszy album "Ispepnaibara". Muzyka nowego projektu Franeckiego to w dużej mierze udana kontynuacja eksperymentów z psychodeliczno- i space-rockową stylistyką tworzoną przez F/i. Grają do dziś z kilkunastoma już albumami na swoim koncie.

Vocokesh arrived on the scene in 1989/90 when Wisconsin/US situated Richard Franecki (guitar, bass, electronics) decided to leave his main project F/i along with Jan Schober (drums) and Steve Zimmerman (electronics). This obviously evolved in a friendly manner and both related bands decided to produce 'Merge Parlour' as a split album in 1992. Vocokesh's debut though was 'Ispepnaibara' in 1990 additionally featuring Lars Kwam on saxophone.

Similiar to F/i, but more guitar and less electronics dominated, the band covers a variety of styles. The sound can be treated as an avantgarde blend of psychedelic and space. This is often based on blues themes and spiked with kraut rock portions here and there. Their debut was followed by an EP one year later named 'Still Standing In The Same Garden' where John Helwig (bass, guitar) joined as a new member now for a long lasting collaboration. Revitalized under the moniker THE VOCOKESH they produced several albums during the next years - 1995 'Smile and Point at the Mountain' provided with several 'untitled' song titles, followed by the more ethnic 'Paradise Revisited' in 1998.

'The Tenth Corner', another significant album combining spacey jams with weird experimental parts, is the startup in 2004 for a period where the band is much more present although Richard Franecki collaborated with F/i since 2003 again. Supported by the Strange Attractors label The Vocokesh released 'Through The Smoke' (2005) and 'This And Hieronymus Bosch' (2007). And 'Looking For My Head' from 2012 marks the current album offered by the german Pure Pop For Now People label. This album contains the final recordings together with John Helwig who sadly passed away in April 2011. One song features new member Tom Schnier on bass. (progarchives)

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