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David Maranha - Antarctica (2010)

David Maranha to muzyk z Portuglii znany przede wszystkim jako współtwórca dronowo-ambientowej grupy Osso Exótico. Równocześnie nagrywa również albumy solowe, dotychczas ma już ich sześć na swoim koncie a "Antarctica" z 2010 roku jest jego ostatnim wydawnictwem. Płyta zawiera jedynie dwa długie utwory o surowym, hipnotycznym brzmieniu utrzymane w świetnej dronowo-rockowej stylistyce.

The new Maranha’s album is advertised as a continuation of the magnificent "March of the New World" published three years ago, and indeed the points of contact are many though the band is not the same. From the previous line-up remains only David Maranha (organ, violin) and Joao Milagre (bass on side A), joined here by Stefano Pilia (bass on the second side), Riccardo Dillon Wanke (electric guitar), Patricia Machás (tambourine) and Afonso Simoes (drums). The music is also overwhelming: two long pieces in which the neominimalism distinctive of the author are combined with a strong, obsessive-suffering rock feeling brings inevitably to memory "venus in furs" of Velvet Underground, and even La Monte Young or Tony Conrad that delineated with Faust "Outside the dream syndicate".

Subtle variations are present on both tracks of the album: the battery propagates a slow and mournful 4/4, a bubbling sailing organ, a dissonant violin that draws, extends and expands repeated cycles; a sound that surrounds and deceives the senses reaching the heart with movements of hopeless nostalgia (splendid work on bass and guitar by Pilia and Wanke on side B, a true masterpiece) that outline scenarios of static ice, loneliness - bright white. (Stefano I. Bianchi\Blow Up)

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