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Makoto Kawabata & Jean-François Pauvros - Extrême-Onction (2000)

Album nagrany w listopadzie 1999 roku w Paryżu, będący efektem pierwszego spotkania dwóch słynących ze śmiałego eksperymentowania gitarzystów - Makoto Kawabaty i Jeana-Francoisa Pauvrosa. Dialog muzyków zaowocował niezwykle przestrzenną improwizacją gitarową osadzoną w dość mrocznym klimacie, której koniecznie należy słuchać głośno. 

New album recorded in Paris in November 1999. Extreme-Onction is above all the result of the first encounter between two nomadic soul guitarists : Japan's Makoto Kawabata and France's Jean-François Pauvros.

Extreme-Onction is a long, distrurbing and totally improvised instrumental suite cut into three distinct tracks. This album owes much to the high dynamism of the recording session, enhanced by the combination of effects and harmonic guitar work, which go to create a kaleidoscopic sound space rich in contrasts. Atmospheric, floating music which vibrates and loses itself or becomes restless, even sickly, with strident friction from the bowed guitar work which imbues the album with real evocative power. You can imagine a Manuel Gottsching/Glenn Branca duo, but this one bears the distinctive stamp of Makoto Kawabata and Jean-François Pauvros – two different styles in osmosis for a concept album. This record must be played loud. (fractal-records)

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