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Silver Bullets - Free Radical (2009)

Silver Bullets to włoska grupa pochodząca z Sycylii odkryta przez Williama Giacchi z Magic Lantern. Wydali dotychczas dwie kasety w Stunned Records, “Free Radical” (2009) i “Citta Invisibili” (2010) ,utrzymane w ciekawej konwencji łączącej w sobie rock psychodeliczny, space rock oraz krautrock.

Silver Bullets is a psychedelic rock band from Sicily, Italy, discovered and produced by William Giacchi of Magic Lantern and Super Minerals . They released two albums on Stunned Records, “ Free Radical ” (2009) and “ Citta Invisibili ” (2010).

William Giacchi reports: “While visiting family in southern Sicily last December, I caught up with an old friend who has shared a very similar trajectory with me in interests of psychedelic music both newer and vintage, local and global. Much to my elated surprise, he has been equally busy producing new sounds of his own, having lately assembled a mysterious psychedelic groove ensemble known as Silver Bullets. I sat in on a recording session and realized I was in the presence of psychic brethren, and that Stunned Records would be the perfect platform to introduce their brand of tonal gyration. Both the Silver Bullets and Phil & Myste were thrilled about the partnership, and thus we present “Free Radical” - two sides, eleven tracks of kraut-funk, coned-out drone rock, and assorted experiments with space and time. Wade through bluesy head-nodders, Italian fuzz contests, interplanetary bleeps and blips, and liberated dance songs for anti-environments. Taking spiritual cues from Don Cherry's Eternal Rhythm, “Free Radical” is a statement of unity through musical expression and an ecstatic celebration of existence. Play this tape at full moon and brace yourself for the unforeseen happenings”.

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