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Faust - Untitled (1996)

Faust, one of the greatest bands to come out of Germany in the 70's, did a fantastic job of terrorizing rock music. Twenty years later, they are back again, currently reduced to a three man line-up of Zappi Diermaier, Hans Joachim Imler, and Jean-Hervé Péron. The Untitled, CD, 6 tracks in all, features live & well-remixed songs along with new ones.

As usual, Faust make it difficult to determine which tracks are which, giving titles like A 70's Event to Krautrock (IV) and Komm mit to a untitled track off of the The Faust Tapes (the one with the chorus "you are the one to be me"). The first track, titled Not Nearest By, is an un-familiar masterpiece with deep bass rhythms, and dare I say "funky" horns (off of So Far). Fourth on the CD is a wonderful live 1995 version of the Sad Skin Head complete with strangely-enthusiastic vocals, concluded with the screaming of "shut up". Expecting S. In Love, one of the new tracks, is a sad, intricate, cliche acoustic piece with a bit of humming - it is almost a ballad without vocals. Fastened 60/60, another new one, includes a riff from you know faUSt's Cendre which is instead played electrically and instrumentally while being repeated over and over again. Untitled comes with a beautiful booklet (The Rachels band are going to have to try hard to keep up with Faust) containing a brief history of Faust taken from the forthcoming Faust book, a discography, some fantastic looking pictures with a direction theme, reviews, and a clip from a map key showing the word Faust located at 55.19 N and 115.38 W. (Jeremy Rotsztain)

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