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Ivanov Down - Best Urban Technical Noises (1991)

Kolejny świetny ukraiński zespół z Kijowa. Tym razem grupa Ivanov Down, założona z początkiem lat 90-tych przez gitarzystę i wokalistę Alexeya "Maket" Degtyara, łącząca w swojej twórczości w ciekawy sposób post-punk, noise, rock psychodeliczny i eksperymentalny. 

Alexey aka Maket founded the band Ivanov Down in 90s. The band, having emerged from the depth of the underground, flared for a narrow circle of listeners.

At that time, without any financial investments, the culture was experiencing a very powerful underground motion that had to break through on the surface sooner or later, and Maket (the band leader) offered his sound track for the mechanical apocalypse, showing his pure destructive power. Those were not songs in their usual understanding, but rather conquering the space.

People’s minds were unable to absorb the “down rock”, as this was a clear mix of devil-may-care attitude and profanation, no fear to be misunderstood, a sharp pleasure of the provocation act, insanity and anti-musicalliness.??Their debut at the Yolki-Palki festival in January 1990, attracted special attention of the amateurs of psychedelic, and partly even hallucinogenic music, and they immediately became stars.??

The Dadaist music of ID was noticed in Europe and across the ocean (their tracks were published in various compilations of alternative rock-music). Also the band was included in the Russian collection “The 100 Tape Albums of the Soviet Rock”.

After Maket had traveled around Europe, he spent a couple of years in Moscow, and then came back to Kyiv, continuing his experiments with the electronic and computer music.??He developed different incarnations in a variety of projects: from avant-garde (Planets) and dance-oriented (DJ Maket, duo Maket&Allegra, cyberpunk soundtrack for the computer game Treasure Island) to rather commercial (Maket&Down Town, soundtracks for commercials).

Today, the band, after having survived various perturbations, is rising from ashes, reincarnates the modern music and is rapidly and permanently changing.  Having realized long ago that the chaos of our era is not something extraordinary, the guys seek to expand their horizons.

They have made musical instruments out of materials at hand, and the silent assistant Kissa is preparing the band for a trip through the Universe. Because Earth is obviously the cradle of the mankind, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever. The Space beckons! Viewers tell legends about them, and the band itself, despite being far from the stars, is capable of predicting an eclipse using palmistry. (ivanovdown)

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