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The Underground Failure (1971)

Underground Failure was a Swedish psychedelic pop band, formed near the end of the 1960s by Torstein ”Tatte” Tenmann, Stefan Wermelin and Bertil Elgeroth. During his military service, Tatte found the talented Lasse Ermalm who in turn introduced Tatte to yet more talented John Holm and Gunnar Lundestam (Johnte and Gurkan, respectively). Despite their widely varying musical skill the group worked well together, collectively sharing songwriting and performing duties. The members were great fans of Bob Dylan, and his influence is said to be obvious in Underground Failure’s music and also their name.

The group released their only album on a friend’s label Black Light, where it was issued in 130 copies. Later the same year it was re-released on the Tibet label for approximately 200 copies, and later again it was likely re-released by Musiklaget. On the album, blues guitarist Rolf Wikström guests on bass and guitar and Dick Blomberg is credited with “övrigt” (other).

After the album, the band parted ways because of their skill level differences. John Holm continued on to a successful solo career, Tatte worked on his Musikbolaget label and Stefan Wermelin is a well-known radio host on Swedish national radio. (last fm)

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