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VA - Novaya Scena: Underground From Ukraine! (1993)

Składanka wydana w 1993 roku przez niemiecką wytwórnię What's So Funny About... zawierająca w przeważającej części mało znaną a przy tym bardzo interesującą twórczość zespołów ukraińskiej sceny niezależnej z Kijowa i Charkowa z lat 1986-1992.

In 1993, the German label "What's So Funny About.." released a compilation called "Novaya Scena - Underground from Ukraine!", featuring some of the most interesting bands from the music scene in Kiev and Kharkov between 1986 and 1992. Novaya Scena (New Scene) was an illegal cultural formation, started in the 80s by Sergey Myasoyedov and Sasha Panchenko in Kharkov, originally with the intention to connect the academic avant-garde and the rock underground. That never quite worked out, but still Novaya Scena produced some great music, spanning genres from Punk, No Wave, Folk, to Avant-Garde.

The CD was basically the project of Guido Erfen, one of the guys behind the So Healthy Music label. He got involved with the Ukrainian underground music scene when he was language student in Kharkov in 1990, and he incorporated a lot of personal experiences in the excellent liner notes, making this compilation a fascinating document of the time around the collapse of the Soviet Union. The compilation was no commercial success, and I doubt that it ever got good international distribution, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet you can now at least listen to it. (wfmu)

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