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Frankie Dymon Jr. - Let it Out (1971)

Frankie Dymon Jr. was a kind of 'project' led by Frank Dostal and Achim Reichel, previously members of The Rattles, one of the most well-known German beat groups, and Wonderland. Under the name Frankie Dymon Jr. they recorded one album in 1971, titled Let It Out, for which Reichel wrote most of the songs and produced the album (engineering was by Konrad Plank).

The album is a fantastic and rare German psych Kraut LP. Many of the tracks have very unusual arrangements. The psychedelic cover art is also notable. (progarchives)

4 komentarze:

Pausts pisze...

;-) ;-)

kost mah pisze...

very interesting,thanks.

Anonimowy pisze...

a great album.
thank you very much for sharing.

slovenlyeric pisze...

Reichel's work is great, so I am looking forward to hearing this. I had seen it before but cover art made this look bad.

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