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Huseyin Ertunc Trio - Musiki (1974)

Monster free jazz private press lp entitled Musiki by The Huseyin Ertunc Trio.It is an original pressing on Intex Records out of Bayside New York.This is a Classic Cosmic free jazz improv lp from the mid 70s and has never been legitimately reissued in any format! Truly Killer Out There jams!Has at times an arabic trance vibe. The trio was:
  • Michael Cosmic - alto/soprano sax, clarinets, flute, piccolo, organ, percussion 
  • Phil Usra - tenor/soprano sax, flute, zurna, clarinet,percussion
  • Huseyin Ertunc - drums
To give you an idea as to where these guys where coming from;here's a taste of the liner notes: 'In now listening shant's moving those whom hear lights outside too's numerous willing towards all spirits roundm's form above thy one's insides space carry animal't surface in reflect placement...". This one lives up to the hype! Think late Coltrane and Ornette/Cherry but spacier! Great Organ sounds! Very cool and very rare find!

Recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1970

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