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Thonghuad Faited - Diew Sor Isan: The North East Thai Violin Of Thonghuad Faited (2012)

EM back in Thai territory! This time back to 1970s Isan, the heartland of Thailand!! TIP! For EM Records' latest foray into unchartered musical territory, we are concentrating on the ‘sor’ from Thailand, the traditional two-stringed violin that is a mainstay of Isan musical culture.

'Diew Sor Isan : The North East Thai Violin of Thonghuad Faited' focuses on the talents of one of the instrument’s greatest proponents and brings his key releases together onto one anthology for the first time.

Thonghuad comes from the ‘molam’ tradition, the dominant rural music that hails from Isan, the north east Thai province that borders with Laos and Cambodia. Underpinned by woozy basslines, drones and clattering percussion, his music is characterised by sprightly melodies through to haunting dirges that could come from as far a field as eastern China, or even the Celtic traditions of Ireland.

Detailed notes trace his history from humble beginnings to playing up to five gigs a night in Bangkok at the peak of his fame. Whether it’s playing beautifully crafted solo pieces, or providing a counterpoint for raw vocal work, Thonghuad Faited is a nationally recognised master of his craft who has additionally cut sides with dozens of established singers over the years, such as Waipod Petchsupan and Angkanang Kunchai.

Percussive, otherworldly and universal, EM Records is proud to present this unique music to the world, much of it released outside of Thailand for the first time. (phonicarecords)

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