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Jeff Airson Dune

In the early 90's (I was in my twenties), I was the singer & guitarist in a band called Mushroom, we were playing garage noise core with psychedelic influences . You can find a few tracks & live/TV videos on you tube .We did a lot of concerts & some guest parts for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion , Buzzcocks ...we also participated in some compilations noise grunge.

In 1994 , the band split as we were going to release an album & then I was involved in the beginning of the french free tekno movement , especially with the Spiral Tribe expelled from England by Thatcher. Early 2000's, I came back to the classical form of rock , I played as guitarist for a little time with Courge (the band of Mattt Konture, a notorious underground comics designer) . Ok ... but I don't think it's helpful to talk about it !

Jeff Airson Dune : in 2006 , I recorded at home (Montpellier) a first solo record, very ethereal psych, dreamlike & it was released as a self-product in a very limited edition cd in 2007 .

2009, I recorded another album "2" in the countryside with very cheap equipment ; this is very experimental and most titles are based on Castaneda's experiences & teaching of Don Juan .

2012/2013 : comeback to my favorite rock era , the psychedelic sixties ! I recorded all myself with some help from a friend (lead guitar) on 2 tracks. This is 'Psyché de poche", released on Bandcamp April 2013. The long song "Lumière blanche, trou noir" (White light, black hole) is the continuing story of Major Tom , the astronaut from Bowie 'Space oddity' lost in space !

Right now I'm working on an upcoming album to be released in September or October maybe on an official Label ?Here's a personal code for you to download for free the full album "Psyché de poche" including the cover, back cover & lyrics . You can put a free download on your blog for your readers, I agree with that, but please, also put the direct link to my site on Bancamp.

I hope you like it and thank you ! http://jeffairsondune.bandcamp.com/

2 komentarze:

troels pisze...

Great music, great words - how refreshing to hear this !!!!!!
But where are the codes ?

Anonimowy pisze...

Very nice !
I found an other album of this guy here : http://jeffairsondune.bandcamp.com/


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