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Kiruna - Irun (2003)

Kiruna is a Norwegian trio consisting of Kare Chr. Vestrheim (Rhodes, organ), Erland Dahlen (drums, percussion) and Thomas Tofte (bass, micromoog).

In 2003 these three accomplished musicians met up in a barn deep in the woods near Sarpsborg, and recorded a vast amount of free improvisational material. They decided to isse the best parts as an album, named Iruna.

Their particular brand of improvisational music; with references to artists as diverse as Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, John Cage and Stockhausen; was and still is hard to categorize; but the innovative approach saw to it that they were noticed after this initial production.

Four years would go before a sophomore effort saw the light of day. The three musicians were kept busy with other projects after 2003, but managed to take the time to hook up in recording studios from time to time; and when it was time to put together a new album they had lots of material to choose from; this time around also with the participation of guest musicians like Rolf Yngve Uggen (Gluecifer), Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen (Xploding Plastix).

The end result was issued as Tarasarus in 2007; a diverse production covering a plethora of rather different musical directions, more or less within the same musical framework as their debut album. (progarchives)

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