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Patife Band - Corredor polonês (1987)

Patife Band is a project by the musician/composer Paulo Barnabé, that started in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1985, when they recorded their 1st EP. Initilly founded as “Paulo Patife Band”, had its name reduced to “Patife Band”, and recording their 2nd album, named “Corredor Polonês” (WEA/1987) Paulo Barnabé is influenced by classical composition techniques leading to assymetrical rythms, atonal cells, dodecaphonic “harmonies”. Also there´s confessed punk-rock, jazz and brazilian rhythms influences, that makes the “joke” even more spicy! Only in 2003 they came back for a concert in the demo-sul festival, Londrina/PR/Brazil with the formation: Paulo Barnabé - vox, Emerson Vilanni - guitars, Eduardo Batistella - drums, Mauricio Biazzi - bass. (lastfm)

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