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Faust - The Last LP (1988)

After further tours with a rapidly changing line-up, Faust eventually disappeared. Rumour's are that Nettelbeck lost interest in the band after Virgin (due to a change in policy) refused to release their fifth album. Other rumours abound that they are still together in Germany doing small shows where they invite audiences to join in. Whatever, if this was the end of Faust historically it wasn't the end as far as releases and public interest went.

In 1979, due to the growing rarity value of Faust albums, the newly formed label Recommended Records reissued the first 2 albums with their original packaging, and later a repackaged version of The Faust Tapes. Also material from sessions known as "Faust Party #3" was issued on two 7" records as well as a track on the Recommended Records Sampler. These limited editions were later to form the aptly titled The Last Album.

Prior to this however, a collection of unreleased live and studio recordings, nicknamed "The Faust Tapes #2", was issued as Münich and Elsewhere. The title seemed to confuse some people, believing that Faust had in fact reformed, but not so! The recordings help fill in a few more gaps of the Faust puzzle, giving a glimpse at the intensity of their live work as well as some more extreme facets like the crazed Sixties parody Baby. The Last Album appeared early this year, strictly a limited numbered edition of 1,988 copies, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Recommended Records. it's another excellent collection of tracks that show the extreme diversity of talent that existed in Faust. A few tracks are alternative takes of older recordings, some of the new compositions display hitherto unheard Faust styles.

As far as releases go that's the end of the Faust story, except that rumour has it that the "Faust 5" tapes still exist, and there's also an excellent John Peel session recorded in 1973.

So, even though Faust never made it big in their homeland, as was part of Polydor's original intention, their international reputation and popularity no doubt exceeded expectations for at least a short while. Today, Faust are a highly revered legend, a landmark in German rock history, worthy of everyone's attention. (faust-pages)

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