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Marc Bolan - Blues (1972-1977)

Another weird idea: select demos in which Marc Bolan played (the) blues. Difficult sometimes to be sure I'm not calling blues what some specialists would proof it's not, but I take the risk to be criticized and I think these 15 songs all belong to the genre we call blues. It's for me important since I always thought Bolan bottom song structures layed on blues. But he disguised them under a medieval folky approach during the Tyranosaurus Rex era, a glam rock approach during the T Rextasy era and a soul approach after 1975. It would have been a great idea if he took the audacious move to release a blues album and surely would have enhanced the respect that the press and a large part of music lovers had for him. But he had not the time (honestly, that he died at 30 was one of the greatest waste for music I ever can think of). So here is only a sketch of what could have been, taken from the more than 160 demos that Edsel released on their Unchained series (some of them being quite expensive to get now). Bolan was not stucked to one style of blues specifically, and he sails from Mississipi John Hurt to John Lee Hooker according to his mood. And there's a handful of gems in it (such as "Did You Ever", "Shadow Babe" or "Get Down"). And some unexpected things such as this talling blues called "Unicorn Horn". Sorry, on the back cover sleeve, I wrote there was a band on songs 13 & 15 but "Get Down" (15) is acoustic. Of course I created the cover sleeve and I think it's quite a good one. Hope you'll enjoy this compilation here. Very pleasant to hear all these songs in a row rather than spread among heterogeneous styles. (source)

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