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Daevid Allen - Self Initiation (2004)

Daevid Allen was born in Melbourne Australia although he has been a traveller of the world for many years. Daevid came to England in 1960 and met up with Robert Wyatt whilst lodging with the Wyatt family. Daevid and Robert struck up an immediate rapport, which would ultimately result in the pair playing together in Soft Machine. Before that Daevid spent time in Paris where he met and experimented with Terry Riley and also performed with William Burroughs. Daevid also formed a number of bands including The Daevid Allen Trio. Some of the trio's early recordings were subsequently released however it was with The Soft Machine alongside Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers and Robert Wyatt that Daevid Allen first came to the attention of many people. Soft Machine was at the forefront of the psychedelia movement and played at many prominent gigs at this time such as the IT launch at the Roundhouse alongside Pink Floyd. Following a gig in St. Tropez Daevid was refused re entry to England and decided to return to France and from there Daevid and Gilli Smyth went to Deia where they met Didier Malherbe who would go on to become a vital part of their next band Gong.

This album is another from the Bananamoon Obscura Collection and features four tracks of meditation and healing music that was originally worked up in the mountains behind Mullumbimby in upstate New South Wales Australia The music has been successfully used in self-initiation workshops held in and around Glastonbury. As with all the releases in this series this album has been re mastered for release. (source)

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