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Michael Yonkers With The Blind Shake - Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons (2007)

It took decades for psychedelic noise godfather Michael Yonkers' 1968 debut recording, Microminiature Love, to find any kind of commercial release, but as soon a 2002 reissue on Sub Pop made the rounds, the reaction was strong enough to kickstart his long dormant career. He was soon back to playing gigs and releasing new albums, and 2007's Carbohydrate Hydrocarbons found Yonkers collaborating with Minneapolis punks the Blind Shake. Backed ably by the punk trio, Yonkers runs through a series of apocalyptic visions on 14 short songs crafted in his cult-leaning proto-noise style, incorporating both psychedelic riffage and modified electronics into the dark selections. (amg)

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