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Moon Unit - New Sky Dragon (2010)

I can also highly recommend New Sky Dragon by Glasgow’s bassless psychedelic trio Moon Unit, whose two gloriously burning Mithraic meditations each take up an entire side of this their debut LP. Although side one’s “Internal Future’ commences hesitantly and somewhat homage-like with massed sitars, the ensemble soon settle upon a highly useful guitar-heavy course simultaneously re-treading and re-visioning those venerable paths set down long ago by Neu’s Michael Rother, but in a far more violently and rageful manner, as guitarist Ruaraidh Sanachan unleashes every lick in the Wah Wah Canon, confident that Andreas Jönsson’s limited arsenal – a simple Selmer Omnichord from the sound of it – will never allow his screamings to descend into mere Prognosis. However, side two’s side-long epic ‘No Money, No Nothing’ is on an entirely different level of achievement being a stand alone work on the same level as Washington’s dazzling quartet Nudity. Yup, ‘No Money, No Nothing’ may still locate its pleasure centres within the burning Krautrock brain of early Klaus Schulze-period Ash Ra Tempel and Gunter Schickert/Axel Struck’s colossal (and colossally unappreciated) GAM, but Moon Unit herein locate the very Ur-hearth of their Muse, and dance - all three of them – like desperate shamen trying to prevent the sunset. (headheritage)

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