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Ernan Roch - Le Onda Pesada De Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas (1971)

English language Mexican psych joint from 1971, this one is heavy on the south of the border fuzz — and if “The Train” hasn’t been comped yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Whereas the vinyl boasts a hefty price tag, a digital rip of the wax has made its way around the Internet, and back again, several times. If you happen upon a superior rip/mix to the one posted below, please hit us up.


60s Mexican album with amazing psychedelic guitar playing (ripping wah wah fuzz). All songs are in English and have a West Coast feel but that guitar... it's amazing!.

First time on CD for this extremely rare Rex label psychedelic classic (1971) from Mexico; terrific West Coast style psych, with melodic vocals and blasts of incredible fuzz guitar that seem to come out of nowhere; excellent album, whose current price for an original copy is around $1,000, if you can find a copy.

just so we clear..this is opened but not used. i got a great deal from a guy in the states and to save us shipping money he sent them without the jewel cases. so you save lotsa moolah basically (source)

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