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Up-Tight (1999)

Hamamatu-besed three piece psych group with history dating back to 1992. The current line-up is original memberAoki(vo,g) Ogata(b) and Shirahata(ds) The Ghost Of The Velvet Underground, Rallizes and Amon Duul loom large over there their Personal feedback song-distruction universe.

Up-Tight are a noxious young trio from Tokyo, all acolytes of the legendary Japanese psych group Les Rallizes Denudes, who augment their sound with crushing, Sabbath-styled dynamics, earsplitting acid leads and beautiful Velvets-inspired ballads. The opening “Melt Rain ” filters the thug rock of UK geaserslike The Deviants through a PSF aesthetic,with epic levels of feedback and sustain. If song structures are mostly kept loose, allowingfor lots of noisy improvisation, generarlly the disc is anchored by heavy riffs. Just when you thought you'd got to grips with Tokyo's paradigm destroying psych scene,this one hits like a sucker punch. (uptight)

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