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Zappa & Beefheart - Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings (circa 1976)

An incorrectly titled Frank Zappa bootleg with "Story of Electricity" from the 1975 US Radio show , "Unconditionally Guaranteed" from Hyde Park '74 (?) and "Neon Meat [sic] Dream of an Octafish" as well as "Metal Man Has Won His Wings" with pre-Beefheart Don Van Vliet on vocals.

One track, Lightning Rod Man, is by a band called The Factory which included Lowell George and Elliot Ingber. For many years people thought the gruff voiced singer was Beefheart. All the other tracks are by the Mothers from 1967 to1969.

Labels, red with black writing, says "Unmitigated Audacity Records" and ©1980. Cover is shrink-wrapped plain white with inserted picture (Mothers) and information sheet. (Radar Station Overview)

In the 'big bad but beautiful book of beefheart bootlegs #1' glass finger (gary pratt) told about this album with an inaccurate title: 1980 USA METAL MAN HAS HORNET'S WINGS (Featuring Capt. Beefheart) on ©1976 Wizardo Record and Movie Buys WRMB 365.

This FRANK ZAPPA bootleg has a shrink-wrapped plain white cover with inserted picture (Mothers)/information sheet but sadly no other information! What I understand this to be is the complete 45 minutes 1975 promo radio show broadcast - with some talking edited out. The Beefheart related tracks on it are the title Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings from pre-Magic Band days, Story of Electricity which is Frank and Don briefly talking about the A&M rejection events (this is over a background of music which Frank says was the 'tape from the night before the cops came in and raided the studios at Cucamonga'). This is followed by the track Unconditionally Guaranteed (but there is no track called this!) which I've seen on tapes as coming from 'Hyde Park '74' so perhaps it is just a jam from the '74 Tragic Band. Side two features Zappa material exclusively, apart from Trout Mask Replica's 'Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish', after which Frank jokes: 'Well, you've been listening to America'. (source)

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