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Al Simones - Corridor Of Dreams (1992)

Great acid drenched psych fuzzed out LP,with looping phased backwards guitar,with some folkish elements but mostly freaked out YaHoWa 13 style jamming.Released privately in just 500 copies and long deleted.

"oh man i live in the youngstown area of ohio so i am a privelaged shopper of purple phrogg records. Mr. Al Simones is the man. he knows all about music and is great jammer. PJ

Fantastic music, fantastic guitar playing, the best underground guitar psych today - I love the whole 70's "private pressing" feel - from the hand built covers to the home production recordings. Recommented! Nick - Greece"

About SIMONES his music...:
Taste his ULTRA PSYCHEDELIC guitar FREAKOUTS from beyond the beyond till the ACID comes splattering from your speakers!! A blistering trip to the STONEHENGE beyonds of our micro and macro cosmos!! Flowing guitar ERUPTIONS leading your mind in a state of TRANSPARENT CONSCIOUSNESS allowing you to glance at the extra-terrestrial, the extra-dimensional, the extra-cosmic, the inner mind, the inner force, the INNER LIGHT!! It makes you wanna leave this godforsaken planet!!"

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