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Aboombong - Asynchronic (2010)

And here is something I think we will all enjoy. A mind blowing release where every single element are dragged and extended to the extreme. “asynchronic” kicks off with an 11 minutes track “Never Been To Konono”, purely instrumental and predominantly drone over a varieties of sub-genre and killer drums. Followed by “Ritualistique” just over 8mins and in turn played mainly on minimal / drone elements twisting and experimenting different themes. End result of “Ritualistique…”lead to a dark hypnotize ritualistique atmosphere. Well… so much for the name of the track I guess.

The experimental side of this project sums up even more to the next level on “Jericho”.  A nine minutes of experimental drumming blast in conjunction with tons and tons of distant minimal noises and a trumpet on top of everything. [ WEIRD but EXCELLENT ]. Next up is “Daymare” and that means over 7 minutes of darkness right above your head. Daymare is just an amalgamations of dark tones played all together at the same time. A feel of complexities but yet so easily accessible. [ At Its Best ]

And of course after all that energy, I mean nearly 35mins gone by now. You’d probably think this is where the band slows and gives all of us some space. Tell you what… you are right. “Forsaken” is the exactly the point where you can catch a breath and say yeah… lets fire up a bong. By then, in no time you’ll be on “Drag Alone Behind” and guess what… you up for another trip and a half. Guys I was so totally lost on this album. And I strongly believe you will too. (thesirenssound)

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