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Arica ‎- Heaven (1971)

Journeys east, west, north, and south, making trails over rocks, thru rivers, on clouds and in heaven. Sounds from an earlier time which, echoing out of Time, resonate with our new millennial soundrealms. Pieces like 'Lake' evoke circadian rhythms and interspecies communications. Others, like 'Wind,' eschew traditional structure and instead mimic the formless ebb and flow of atmospheric processes. On 'Ocean,' piano's wake up to the sound of distant  drums, rolling layers of reverberating cymbals and the peaceful exhalation of rattling chimes. This album is a lost treasure, and an ideal guide for reestablishing a calm and centered spirit.

"We began in the town of Arica in northern Chile, studying with a teaching master, Oscar Ichazo. There were 44 of us then, and none of us knew what we were doing with each other. Some people had come to find a guru, a magician to make them happy, wise, and free. Others hoped to strip away the layers of Illusion, pain, and self-concern which kept them from experiencing their natural selves. Others were looking for satori, permanent bliss. Instead of magic we found a science: a practical and comprehensive system of techniques for attaining mystical states. The teaching, we discovered, was Inside our own bodies, and the techniques designed to guide us toward that inside teaching.

We worked together for ten months and when our training was over we felt like a family, a collection of brothers and sisters all of different ages and backgrounds. We came home to America and set up a school in New York to train others in the techniques. The work we had done became more and more meaningful as we went about our dally lives, and when we started teaching we began to understand that the techniques applied not just to individuals but to large groups of people and ultimately to the whole society. It became clear to us that our family had to become a tribe, and that our training would have real value only it It was available to everybody. Now we have centers In many cities and continue to live and work and raise our children together. As more people come through our trainings, the family expands.

The Arica training system is based on the recognition that the universe works according to natural laws, as specific as the law of gravity, and that these laws operate also in the human body. Human happiness, in our experience, comes when we understand these laws and learn how to live in harmony with them. Before we can begin to live naturally, see the world clearly, be our essential selves, we here to clean our bodies of the tensions which keep them fram moving freely and expressively. We have to remove the emotional blocks which prevent us from communicating easily with each other, and clean our minds of the layers of anxiety and prejudice that cloud our perceptions of reality. When our bodies, minds and emotions work in balance with each other, the so-called high mystical states occur normally. That's what the Arica training is about. Since it is a training in harmony, we work a lot with music. These songs are the record of a midsummer night in New York City when one hundred of us, musicians and dancers, gathered m a studio and played until dawns The musicians mored the dancers, the dancers moved the mustcmns. This is music meant to be experienced by bodies m easy motion, üsfen to it with your belly, your legs, your shoulders. Feel it in your eyes and ears. Relax, and let if move inside you."

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Piękna sprawa. Zacząłem słuchać zanurzony w działania zwane codzienną dłubaniną ale to co docierało do uszu skrzyło się tak dużą ilością intensywnych drobiazgów, że zmusiło do porzucenia pracy, zanurzenia zmysłów w ciemność i próby jak najpełniejszego przeniesienia się w ten wyjątkowy świat. Rytuał i magia. Mam nadzieję, że uda się dotrzeć do innych nagrań tego wyjątkowego kolektywu.

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