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Fit & Limo - Rote Blumen (1983)

Fit & limo is a couple of multi-instrumentalists folk artists from Bavaria (Germany). They started their career back in the seventies as an acid folk rock formation. Their sound is in the tradition of the Incredible String Band influences. Today the duet explores "world", ethnic harmonies & traditional acoustic instruments. Compositions provide an important variety of dreamy folk sections including a heavy use of sitar. This is for fans of fusion music and kraut-folk, mixing psych rock to chamber folk, "ethnic" arrangements. A large community of musicians accompany the band in this adventure; also involved into numerous side projects (the religious "the god box" and the more rock sounded "Discolor".). From their retrospective (1983-88) to the recent inspired kraut-folk "Terra Incognita" (2004) the band has brilliantly brought folk rock on new territories. (progarchives)

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