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The Beginning - This Is The Beginning (1998)

The Beginning are one of the great lost wonders of psychedelic rock. Their only album This is... was forgotten and lay dormant until it was uncovered by Molten Records. Sold out soon it's now available again on Elektrohasch. It contains a mind altering selection of acid guitar music mixing rock 'n' roll grooves with a twin lead guitar attack. Flashes of the ever-so-fluid San Francisco psychedelic improvisation merge with hard edged Detroit rock and hip stoned grooviness. The overall result is a sound that's part Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Yesterdays Children and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Mat Bethancourt - Guitar, Vocal
Louis Wiggett - Guitar, Vocal
Sam Aversano - Bass
Paolo Aversano - Percussion, Vocal
Kris Payne - Drums

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In the Beginning is a UK based band that only existed for a short time in 1998-1999 and released this one record, originally on the Molten Records label in 2004. The band is most recognizable for this music was written and produced by Matt Bethancourt (Josiah). The original CD featured just 5 songs. Anyway, this is a totally amazing psych record with great jamming stuff like 'Blue Honey' with the dual layers leads. The opening track 'Soul Revolution' has a killer groove. 'Baby’s takin’ me for a Ride' is a long,nearly 13 minute, psychy riff ride at first but then a drift back into the blues, like old Steamhammer. 'The Golden Whisper' as a whole instrumental laid back track ... is amazing!

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