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Everything Is Everything feat. Chris Hills (1969)

Everything is Everything was Chris Hills guitar (vocal on Oooh Baby), Jim Pepper sax and flute (vocal on Witchi Tai To), Lee Reinoehl organist, Chip Baker rhythm guitar, John Waller & Jim Zitro drums. Produced by Danny Weiss and released on Vanguard Apostolic Records.

The late 1960s and early 1970s had a lot of music released that is hard to categorize. The hippies and the back-to-the-land movements are influenced by other movements such as environmentalists, American Indian rights groups, La Raza and the Brown Berets for Chicano rights, the various Black Power movements; they were wild and crazy times, folks!!!!

Everything is Everything had one minor hit entitled “Witchi Tai To” reminiscent of an Indian tribal chant the record attracted the hippy types who typically played it for mellow background music.

If you like odd and strange stuff this LP may be for you. Or, if you want to give your groovy pad some old-time ambiance then this record playing in the background while the incense floats through the air may take you back to those long-gone days. (obbop RYM)

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