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VA - Andergraun Vibrations Vol. 2.: Psychedelic Hard Rock From Spain 1970-1978

...Psychedelic Hard Rock from Spain 1970-1978. "Another killer selection featuring more Spanish heavy psych insanity. 10 tracks taken from super rare 45s by Spanish bands and even some obscure South American singers/groups who recorded in Spain. Highlights are underground hard-rock band Ciclón with their monster rare private pressing 45 which was recorded in 1978 but sounds totally 1970-71, a five minute deconstruction of '(I can't get no) Satisfaction' by prog band/commune Franklin, trashy hard-rock by Albert Band, Luis Queimada and Argentinian band Katunga, tremendous psychedelic hard rock loaded with trippy effects by Cuban born musician Chirino, wild female hippie sounds by Norah, ripping fuzz-wah insanity by unknown band Piñonate, haunting prog rock by Skorpis..." 

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