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Angus - London (1996)

I rate it very high .Maurizio "Angus" Bitoli are From Italy (50years old now as they said). "London" lp has originally released as a tape (early 90's I think). Finaly released in lp at 1996 from the tapes . The sound isn't good . It's one of the worst soundrecording ever heard !! The problem is bigger because, the vinyl is very cheap, a bad press. But nothing can destroy the amazing music of Angus !!!! This lp remind me the story of MARIANI , a lost gem with bad sound & high colectable after decades. Maybe some of you known Angus as guitar player of FINGERNAILS. (source)

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Mario D'Alberto pisze...

The correct name is Maurizio Bidoli

Mario D'Alberto pisze...

The correct Angus name is Maurizio Bidoli

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