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Blondie - CBGB 23/12 (1976)

Debbie Harry - Vocals
Chris Stein - Guitar
Jimmy Destri - Keyboards
Gary Valentine - Bass
Clem Burke - Drums

This is an excellent early 2-setter from the home base. A fine recording that SKOTF got from the taper way back when. Tracks 5 and 16 , Euphony, it's a Gary Valentine song, which is why it never got recorded. The co-author is Lisa Persky who was Valentine's girlfriend. -"We started working with Peter Leeds, who had been Debbie's manager before. I didn't trust him from the moment I was him. Nobody asked him to, but he set up some gigs for us in LA and flew us out. At the Whiskey he came backstage and said he didn't think we should be doing a song I'd written called Euphony. I said, hang on, you're not our musical director. From that moment I'm sure he wanted me out."-

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