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David Stoughton - Transformer (1968)

Jedyna płyta bliżej nieznanego artysty - Davida Stoughtona. Jedyne co o nim wiadomo to to, że był matematykiem na Harvardzie. Coś musiało go widocznie zainspirować skoro postanowił nagrać płytę i to całkiem niezłą. Brzmieniowo przypomina ona dokonania prezentowanej tu grupy United States Of America i White Noise. Jest to przyjemna dla ucha psychedelia, ale ze śmiałymi muzycznymi eksperymentami.

David Stoughton - vocals, guitar
Devi Klate - vocals
Mal Mackenzie - bass
Peter Chapman - horns
Joe Livols - drums
John Nicholls - vocals
Steve Tanzer - flute, piccolo

A Harvard mathematician, Stoughton played the Boston folk circuit in the early 1960s before coming under the spell of John Cage’s musique concrète. While certain songs – “The Sun Comes Up Each Day”, say – are musically reminiscent of Tim Buckley at his most extreme, Transformer also contained experimental sound collages.

Probably the weirdest of all Elektra albums. The album cover says “produced and created by David Stoughton,” which explains it all, because this sounds more like performance art than music, as some off-Broadway wannabes sing bizarre lyrics over a soundtrack-type backing that includes synthesizer experimentation. This is not a rock or folk album, as most people will tell you, but an experimental music record. Some of it is pretty interesting, but some is pretty annoying too.

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