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Purba (2000)

Svyatoslav Ponomaryov has been known as a jazz musician, photographer and visual artist for many years. In the mid-2000s his interest in Tibetan culture resulted in the formation of a “theatre of Tibetan music” called Purba – also spelled as “Phurpa” and named after one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in the pre-Buddhist Bon tradition. Purba draws inspiration from both acoustic jazz, which Ponomaryov has been playing for years, and Bon. Performances feature a lot of exotic and unique instruments, such as dunchen telescopic tubes, gyaling flutes made of human bones, damaru double-drums, shang bells and nga – a drum of 1.5 meters in diameter, which Ponomaryov made from cow hide. Another highlight is Purba’s use of the rgyud-skad tradition of Tantric overtone chanting. 

Purba “Theatre of Tibetan music” - Live recording of an improvised performance – Tibetan music and experimental instruments called “ovaloids”. Recorded live in DOM, Moscow, February 12, 2000. Tracks 1-9 were composed and performed by Sviatoslav Ponomarev, Igor Yanchoglov, Vyacheslav Koleychuk and Stanislav Kreitchi. Tracks 10,11 wear performed by Sviatoslav Ponomarev, Igor Yanchoglov, Alexei Tegin. 

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