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The Jitters (1980)

PK Dwyer - rhythm guitar & vocals
Donna Beck - vocals
Pete Pendras - lead guitar & vocals
Dave Hutchison - bass guitar & vocals
Rick Tassin - drums & vocals

Some call them "cow-punk ancestors of alt-country" others say "hey, it's original rock & roll that stands the test of time!"

Drooling over The Jitters . . .
Excerpt of original review by Grant Alden [review is from either The Seattle Sun or The Rocket early 1980 - probably The Sun] . . . "Now that the record is finally out, there is a real danger that I will slobber all over the newsprint trying to convey its merits, and end up with some sort of parochial platitude like 'it ain't bad for a local band.' Well, to hell with that noise. This album can get up and compete with any national product. Flat out, it's the best, most creative music to come out of Seattle since the Sonics -- the band responsible for 'Psycho' and 'The Witch' . . . Dwyer's songs, and the entire group's performance capture all that sidewalk exuberance, and the lyrics are just a whole lot of fun to listen to. The whole thing seems to be a wonderful amalgamation of folk, rock and blues tradition, fostered in an environment more conducive to fun than money".

The Jitters Gyrate . . .
Excerpt of album review by Scott McCaughey [I believe this review is from The Rocket early 1980] . . . "The Jitters aren't New Wave, but open-minded New wavers should like them (sez me), They're not country (well, there's some mixed in there), and they don't sound anything like an acoustic folk duo gone electric. P.K. Dwyer is not Bob Dylan, though he has sort of a strange voice and writes edgy lyrics to fairly basic music. Donna Beck is not Grace Slick -- there's no comparison (sorry Grace). The Jitters are a rock 'n' roll band with guts and a sense of humor; they play tight but not so damn 'professional' that each upcoming note is a foregone conclusion . . . The nine songs on The jitters are all brimming with this healthy attitude . . . a remarkable first album in every artistic sense . . . And despite the fact that just about every song deals with the neurotic and unfulfilled aspects of love, I get a lift each time I hear this album. That's not sick; that's the way it's supposed to work."

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