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Cajsa S. Lund - Fornnordiska Klanger: The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandanavia (1991)

Cajsa S. Lund, Sweden, Licentiate in music archaeology, is ranking as one of the international pioneers in this field of research, especially North-European music archaeology. She was one of the founders in 1981 of the Study Group on Music Archaeology of the ICTM (the International Council for Traditional Music, a UNESCO body).

She is connected to both the Musicological and Archaeological departments at the Lund University where she gives courses and is supervising undergraduate and doctoral students (also from other universities in the country) who in one way or another want to combine musicology and archaeology. Since 2010 she is also Lecturer in music archaeology at the Linnaeus University in Växjö/Kalmar.

Her research is focused on methodological problems and on studies on sound instruments in Scandinavia’s prehistory, including studies on possible prehistoric soundscapes. She has written several scholarly articles on these subjects. She also researched and produced the unique CD The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandinavia (1991) within the series Musica Sveciae, Sweden’s National Encyclopaedia of Music on Record. Her profile is to make the results of her research come alive for the general public and for this work she has been awarded several prizes.

She was for several years on the staff, too, of the Swedish regional music institution Musik i Syd (“Music in South Sweden”) as manager of the Ensemble Mare Balticum. She initiated this ensemble in 1989 on the basis of underwater-archaeological finds of musical instruments on the wreck of the royal Swedish flagship Kronan (the Crown), which went down in the Baltic Sea in 1676. She is since 2010 working as an early music consultant for Musik i Syd.

Cajsa S. Lund is also a well-known musician and was formerly a bassoonist in the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and classical saxophonist. (animusic)

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Hi, if you're ever bored, it would be cool to have a re-up of this. It sounds fascinating. Many thanks! :)

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Hello,i promise to provide you with another cd of prehistoric sounds (from Scotland) if you reup this.So,i will check this in the next four weeks-then i will be gone for quite a while and unable to keep my promise...
Keep up the spirit!

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