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Cerebrum - Eagle Death (1969-1972) EP

Cerebrum were remembered for their two singles, once re-released on Wah Wah Records as a 10inch, now sold-out. Thomas Hartlage from Shadoks music traced the band and found out there have been more recordings, recorded live at Spanish National radio and decided to release them. They surely fit well with the previously known material. It becomes in fact more clear how the band had a primitive garage-sound of bluesrock with heavier tendencies, with from speeded up moments to a slightly chaotic mix of creative confusion. On the singles there has been some studio experimentations (with reverb effects and voice distortion, and a classical piano piece brought in confusingly into the mix) that make the music more interesting in a different, progressive way, also compensating a bit for the noise, the chaos of energy it creates and the distorted tendencies. The band on the radio recording is pretty similar but without any effects, as raw and Americanised boogie blues rock. This might not be better than foreign examples but it has a talent its development to be noted. Unfortunately for the band the lack of interest for the two singles led to the end of the band.
Luis Navarro - vocals,harmonica
Javier Esteve - guitar
Jose Maria Pellico - bass
Pedro Moreno - drums

Hard psychedelic blues with harmonica, weird spanish vocals, fuzzed geetarsolos adn just about all trippy weirdness this genre has to offer. Not the most important songs in the world but its still great garagefun, and hey, thats not bad at all in my book. Copies of Cerebrums two singles go for about 30-40 pounds each on the rare occasions when they are up for sale.

From The spanish progressive rock encyclopedia:They recorded two singles by late 60s-early 70s and rapidly they splitted, giving birth to a new band named Delirium Tremens. Other members of the group kept on as Cerebrum without any new recordings. The journalist Jordi Serra i Fabra wrote: "Cerebrum are the summit of spanish progressive music. Their music is revolutionary and experimental. They components are young and unquiet, hopefull and plenty of that force that pushes to succeess, to security... Cerebrum is with no doubt a musical experiment, a synthesis of strengthin the grooves of a single." It seems that the second version of Cerebrum hosted the first musical steps of the guitarrist Salvador Domínguez. (source)

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