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Hellhound (1970)

Mostly no information about this band except that this is pre-Hard Stuff featuring great John Du Cann on guitars & Pete French on vocals. This album has never been released in 1970, released only on vinyl by great UK obscurities label Kissing Spell (now long OOP). Musically, this is some fiery live heavy psych-prog rock in the vein of Hard Stuf & Daemon - two of John Du Cann's other bands. The sound quality is raw & there lies the charm of this album. Fans of UK heavy prog will certainly enjoy this!

This is what Pete French has to say about this recording:

Thank you for your inquiry, I yes I have heard rumor of the existence of this taped recording once before. To tell the truth I have never heard any of the recorded material myself, I can only presume that Mr John DuCann has tried to capitalize on some rough rehearsal ideas that he had taped and kept hidden away, this must have been during the very early days when I had just joined Atomic Rooster, John invited me over to show me some rough ideas he had recorded on tape. and if I remember correctly I messed about with some vocal ideas at the time, this was before Vincent had fallen out with him and decided to sack him from the band.It would appear that he even went so far with this recording as to even try to capitalize on my group Leaf Hound by using the name Hell Hound in order to try to sell it.I personally would out of interest, would dearly love to hear this so called recording?Vincent Crane and myself both found him upon my joining Atomic Rooster to be quite a difficult individual to get along with.Vincent had suspected that John was trying to destroy Atomic Rooster in an attempt to start his own band at the time.I so I unexpectedly had walked into a War that was going on between them.!... I hope that my information is of some help to you.

P.S. I do hope you manage to get a chance to hear my latest bands release, Leaf Hound "Unleashed", recording distributed on Repertoire Records as I think you would enjoy it.My kindest regards to you... Pete French

In the early 1970 they shambled forth from their respective lairs, gathering at an unholy place where cold stone walls dripped like the nose of the Nameless One. Guitars were plugged, drums taken - the session commenced.

A tape documented the day's proceedings. It was a day of hard rock access, vocal ravings and bludgeoning instrumentation, for such was Hellhound. The ephemeral beast disbanded when the session ended, going on to join Leafhound, Daemon etc. Side one consists of finished songs, but Side Two as been expertly edited from jams recorded towards the end of the session, by which time the vocalist had fallen into the drumkit, his voice failing to reach the microphone.

Quality is sublimely bad & the songs pure indulgence, but the roots of "Leafhound", "Daemon" & "Hard Stuff" can clearly be heard within the sonic maelstrom of Hellhound. (source)

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