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Jimi Hendrix - You Can't Use My Name [2LP] (1970)

Gatefold, black and white cover. Text for side one left of gatefold with text for side two on the right. Most likely due to budget shortcomings, the cover is engineered with a design using one single piece of cardboard - simply folded - without any glue or adhesives. For example, the spine has no text on it, and the crease is a "V" shape, rather than a "|_|" shape. Instead of housing the record within a sort of pocket (the way most gatefold designs would) the disc sits between two folded flaps.The labels on the vinyl (white w/black writing) only state "Special Promotions - Promotional Use Only," the Cat #, Side #, and "33 1/3".

Hendrix's name is nowhere to be found on the entire release.

Excellent sound quality ... Highly recommended.

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