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Gagalactyca (1968-1971)

GAGALACTYCA has only been released on vinyl. It is a sister album to Astral Navigations. There are two "sets" of music : Chris Coombs and others (Lightyears Away), and Thundermother. Chris and Mike Levon wrote songs for the Light Years Away "side" of the album. Standout tracks are the short though beautiful "That Is What We Need", and "Cold Tired and Hungry" a storming track featuring Bill Nelson on guitar.

This is mainly the follow-up album to the highly collectable "Astral Navigations" album from 1973. Rare early '70's privately pressed spacey folky prog mostly recorded with a similar line-up to the Astral Navigations album.

The music continues the same vein of spacey progressive folk music, and now comes with half a dozen bonus tracks from Thundermother - some of which are also quite trippy. Cosmic and rare as hell.

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