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King Uszniewicz & His Uszciewcztones - Doin' The Whoo Hoo With (1994)

This hilariously inept Detroit bowling alley/lounge band was fronted by Ernie "King" Uszniewicz (b. 1945) from 1969 to 1979. The crudest tenor saxophonist in the history of rock & roll, King Uszniewicz (pronounced "you-snev-vitch") & the U-Tones had only one single, issued on a local label during the '70s. Dubbed by one critic as "the worst oldies band I ever heard in my life," they played with a bludgeoning energy, oblivious to the fact that they were woefully shy in the talent department. However, when the group's first album showed up on several college radio playlists in 1989, they earned a minor cult following among both record collectors and young alternative music fans. (source)

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Savage Saints pisze...

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rev.b pisze...

Really really bad, but very very funny. I bet with a case of bad American beer in me they'd sound great!

Savage Saints pisze...

Thanks @rev.b. Sometimes it's nice to hear something funny so that was my intention :))

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