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Zoppo Trump (1971-1976)

Zoppo Trump from Dortmund are known in collectors’ circles only for the sampler LP “Scena Westphalica” (Forderturm Records UP I/76), on which they are represented with their highly praised pieces “Wellengang” and “Fluktuation”. In addition to these tracks, the CD contains another seven tracks of a perfect sound which had been studio recordings and had not been released until then. Style: progressive rock slightly influenced by jazz and classical music, however mostly without any wind instruments. There was a sporadic use of the Mellotron and English vocals. Comparable to Streetmark. Udo Preising had come from Electric Mud. Nicky Gebhard later joined Wallenstein, and Martin Buschmann, son of the well-known jazz- musician Rainer Glen Buschmann, joined Cochise. For some time, by the way, Dieter Gorny was on bass for Zoppo Trump. There are, however, no recordings from this period of their band history.

The first two tracks here are when Zoppo Trump still existed as a guitar/keys-bass-drums trio. The music has a certain sophistication, but is also quite informed by the West Coast USA psych sound. At this point, they could be considered a parallel group to Walpurgis. Summary: Good not great. However change was on the horizon. Adding dedicated guitarist Ulrich Beck in 1972, which freed up band leader Ferdi Eberth on the Hammond organ, resulted in a remarkable progression for the band. As represented by tracks 3 to 7, Zoppo Trump sound more like their Krautrock contemporaries who adopted jazz characteristics as additives to their psychedelic Krautrock stew. Comparisons to bands such as Out of Focus, Thirsty Moon and Eiliff would not be an exaggeration here.  This gets us to the two previously released tracks from 1976, that were initially on the "Scena Westphalica" compilation. Eberth rebuilt the band from the ground up, himself switching back to guitar, while adding three new members on keyboards/sax, bass, and drums. Here the band trades in their psychedelic Krautrock chips for a sound entrenched in more standard forms of jazz rock. Overall, an extraordinary musical document, which clearly demonstrates that Zoppo Trump could very well have released one of the all-time great Krautrock albums had they the proper chance. Only drawback is the less than stellar sound quality throughout (though still very listenable and miles better than bootleg standard). (source)

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