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Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin' Rod & Buddy Miles - Doriella Du Fontaine (1969)

This is a fantastic studio jam session by Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles. Lighnin' Rod dubbed a few years later a cool Rap over it with the help of Material. This release is a must for Rockers and Hip Hoppers.

The 1993 release of the specially priced CD single Doriella Du Fontaine brought attention to the remarkable early rap stylings of Last Poets member Lightnin' Rod. The release also offered an obscure Jimi Hendrix recording that stands as one of his most interesting, albeit short-lived, side projects. Although this 1969 recording date was an impromptu affair, with Hendrix, Lightnin' Rod, and Buddy Miles improvising in the studio, the song is unique and tirelessly funky. Hendrix' grooving guitar playing is the perfect backdrop for Lightnin' Rod's truly imaginative lyrics that tell the outlandish tale of a prostitute. Although he does not appear on the final track, Doriella Du Fontaine is well worth picking up for any Hendrix fan. --- Jeff Schwachter

The project began in late 1969 with famed producer Alan Douglas recording the unmistakable Jimi Hendrix and legendary Buddy Miles in rolling and groove-laden musical backdrop. Fast forward 4 years and Lightnin' Rod (aka Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin) adds in his distinctive vocal soundtrack. Rod calls it "spoagraphics" (spoken pictures) but to most listeners hear it as the roots of an early form of rap. Rhythm, spoken-word and the art of the storyteller all wrapped up into one. The two meld together to create something new and unheard in 1973 and something still sounding fresh in 2011(source)

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