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Sergius Golowin - Lord Krishna Von Goloka (1973)

Sergius Golowin was born in 1930 in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). In 1933, he and his mother, poet Alla von Steiger, emigrated to Switzerland, while Golowin’s Russian father, a sculptor, lived in Paris without the family.

After finishing school, Golowin became a library assistant at the "Berner Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek" (literally: "Bern City- and University-Library"). He took part in the "Jugendbewegung". During the 1950s he participated in "Tägel-Leist," one of Bern's subcultural discussion circles. From 1957 to 1968 Golowin worked as an archivist in Burgdorf. From 1971 to 1981 he served in a local government office in Switzerland as a member of the party Landesring der Unabhängigen ("LdU", which was established by Gottlieb Duttweiler and others). In his LdU office, Golowin was an advocate for youth culture and worked to solve numerous ecological problems. Afterward, he was a free writer living near Bern.

Sergius Golowin wrote numerous books and articles, primarily about folklore and esotericism. For his work in folklore and exploring the counterculture, he was awarded the prize of the Schweizerische Schillerstiftung in 1974.

Golowin was a contemporary of many notable people and events. He provided assistance to Timothy Leary while Leary was in Swiss exile. Golowin was a friend of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and was portrayed by H. R. Giger. Golowin was present at the first performance of Polo Hofer's legendary Bern band "Rumpelstilz" and the band played on behalf of Golowin's election campaign. Golowin was an acquaintance of Martin "Tino" Schippert, founder of the Swiss Hells Angels.

In 1973, Golowin teamed up with Klaus Schulze, Bernd Witthüser, Walter Westrupp, Jörg Mierke, Jürgen Dollase and Jerry Berkers (the latter two of Wallenstein) to record the album "Lord Krishna von Goloka". This very experimental and highly sought-after album featured chantings by Golowin over improvised electronic instrumentation and acoustic guitar, and is considered by many to be a classic example of cosmic krautrock. (wiki)

- Sergius Golowin / voice
- Jerry Berkers / electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, bongo's
- Jürgen Dollase / piano, melotron, vibrafon, triangel and guitar
- Jörg Mierke / electric guitar, organ, percussion
- Klaus Schulze / drum, organ, mellotron & electronics
- Walter Westrupp / acoustic guitar, flute, mouthharp
- Bernd Witthüser / guitar

An original psych/ folk project directed by the esoteric Swiss writer Sergius Golowin. It is in the mood of Rolf Ulrich Kaiser's « Cosmic couriers » series, including many musicians of the krautrock scene for psychedelic improvisations recorded in three epic pieces. Conceptually this album deals with India mysticism, ecstasy and undirectly with drugs experiences, put in music to create a unearthly, beautiful journey through the cosmos and the hidden side of the Humanity. It contains ravishing, odd, spiritual recitations in German taken from Sergius' personal writings. The musical background is essentially under the direction of the folk duo Witthuser & Westrupp who play here all the acoustic parts (flute, bongos, guitars.) in order to provide a timeless and an exotic touch to the album. With lots of psychedelic, electronic, meditative effects combined to spoken words, the atmosphere of this album delivers a very mysterious, refined 'trip' that can easily haunts the listener, brings him into an other galaxy, far from the materialist preoccupations of our common world. This album is uncomparable, the music is unbelievable and can be considered as the most achieved musical document recorded by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser for his delirious "Cosmic Couriers" adventure. A must of "Cosmic music" and a very nice prog folk effort.  (philippe)

I would consider this album to be really the last great Cosmic Couriers album. Lord Krishna von Goloka is another huge viceral mind numbing experience album...an album that plays out with raga like mannerisms and acts like a 40+ minute musical chant. Hypnotic vocals and psychy narration by Sergius Golowin add to the creative wierdness adorning this album. Heavily Eastern influenced themes with tons of acoustic guitar, cosmic flute, piano , mellotron, tabla and bongo and percussion, Glockenspiel (... need more glockenspiel !) Wow.... what a cosmic parade of musicians as well... Klaus Schulze, Walter Westrupp, Bernd Wutthuser, Jurgen Dollas and Jerry Berkers. "Lord Krishna" is really centered around 2 epic tarcks "Der Reigen (17 Mins) and Die Hoch-Zeit (20 Mins) which both play on the cosmic chant mood. The end result is a pretty trippy and pretty insane recording that plays nicely along on those slow moving Sunday mornings. (loserboy)


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Savage Saints pisze...

. .

Anonimowy pisze...

Płyta lubiana od lat. Jej pojawienie się jest kontynuacją ciekawego wątku podopiecznych producenta Rolfa Ulricha Kaisera i działań w ramach wymyślonych przez Niego Kosmische Kuriere & Kosmiche Music. Spragnionym inspirujących nut podrzuciliście już „Tarot” Waltera Wegmullera i coś z twórczości duetu Witthuser & Westrupp, którego muzycy brali udział w sesji zarówno „Tarota” jak i „Lorda Krishy”. W kręgu zaangażowanych w „Kosmiczne” pomysły Kaisera byli też ludzie związani z projektem Cosmic Jokers i panowie z Ash Ra Tempel i warto z pewnością w przyszłości zwrócić uwagę na choćby jedną z płyt dokumentujących sesję Cosmic Jokers czy wspólne dzieło Ash Ra Tempel i Timothy Leary`ego . Tak sobie pomyślałem, że sytuacja życiowa Golowina jako czeskiego emigranta w Szwajcarii zmusza poniekąd do przywołania postaci zrodzonego w Szwajacrii z czeskich rodziców Waltera Smetaka – człowieka, którego działania muzyczne w zakresie kompozycji i budowy instrumentów powinny zwrócić uwagę Dzikich Świętych, bo w jego działaniach z pewnością było obecne Zdrowe Szaleństwo.

Ankh pisze...

Dzięki Zwierzaku. Bardzo ciekawy trop. Obiecuję się nim zająć. Pozdrowienia ....

beetor pisze...

Never heard of this. It's amazing.

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