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Stud Cole - Burn Baby Burn (1963 - 1968)

Stud Cole was born in Buffalo, NY where he immersed himself in rock'n'roll music. A family exodus to California resulted in young STUD setting his sights on a career as a rock singer. He began recording in 1963 and five years later culled a demo LP for radio disc jockey use only. When the sampler failed to ignite, Stud boxed up his tapes and acetates and left the music arena.

Stud Cole lived in a nocturnal world of stripper girlfriends, endless cocktails and dreams of becoming a successful recording artist. I was told he was very popular with the ladies and always had one by his side. I know most Stud Cole fans always wondered if he had a band or if he recorded the record alone with little or no assistance. Well, he had lots of help which is good because I was told Stud was a horrible guitar player. The bass player had a local band that Stud convinced into helping him record his album. For the record, Stud had six other musicians working with him (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and a percussionist).

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