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Beat At Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s Exploitation Cinema Vol. 1

For my money, the future of music is in old Italian film soundtracks. Thankfully we live in an era where old obscure music is being dredged up, nicely repackaged and remastered and re-released. "Beat At cinecitta" is just one of those amazing discoveries. Comprised of songs from sex films of the 60's, it's a jumble of catchy, light, poppy, dark, obscure and experimental music...all of which would be perfect white noise at any party you're planning to throw this year. From smooth vocal tics and melodies to fuzzed out guitars and interstellar keyboards, it can go from a dirge to a jam in a moment's notice.

This is the first in 3 volumes of this collection, and it is definitely the strongest one out there. It will no doubt garner a lot of attention from appearing in a few recent car commercials, as well as in 'The Big Lebowski," and the more people listening to this, the better. What makes Beat at Cinecitta so great is how in love with music it is, jammed with all sorts of styles and approaches, it's also a perfect introduction to the burgeoning genre of Italian soundtracks being made available again in collections like "Easy Tempo" "Beretta '70" and the dozen and counting re-released Ennio Morricone soundtracks.

Albums like this come along during these years of pop-star overload to show us all that music can be fun and frivolous, with a giant heart and massive talent behind it and still be just as relevant 30 years after being recorded. If you ask me, this stuff is more important than when it was first available...this stuff is a roadsign pointing towards liberation from bad music. Get on the bus. (Monkey Knuckle Asteroid)

Throw yourself back to the late sixties and early seventies! Unfortunately I missed out on all of this scene, as this was during the time I was born! The album covers are worth the price of admission! The best "hippest" tracks are towards the end which is quite unusual as the best stuff is usually found at the beginning of albums. The cuts Roaring Twenties and Omar Khayyam really get your toes a tapping! Also check out the albums (CDs) Sound Gallery 1, Music For TV Dinners: The 60's, & Beat Tempo if you are into "mod" music. Wish this type of groovy jazzy sound would make a revival! Well at least you can still listen to it whenever the mood hits you! So put on your bell bottoms, Nehru Jacket, flash the peace sign, grab yourself a kicky girl and get a go-going, man!


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