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Jacco Weener - Het Patriarchaat


My name is Jacco Weener. This album is recorded in Rotterdam and The Hague. In a rose garden that was pointed to me in a dream. The songs are written on feeling and I tried to recreate a mood that I sometimes reach.

This album is mostly guitar-voice and sung in Dutch. Before this I was in noise-punk bands (this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KD2FyDklog)

A review from Richard Foster. Who is a journalist around here:

"It would be wrong to say that Jacco sings, or that his songs are songs. But Jacco's tales are effective. They document the sinister, the underbelly of this prim, pristine and provincial land. As such they aren't far away from some Teflon take on HP Lovecraft. The place where Tros 2 rules. The place where suspicion is placed on a doyly mat next to the Bible and the gin bottle. The place where the menfolk fix the bikes with infinite, bovine patience on a Sunday afternoon. The place where the women ensure all the shoes are placed next to each other in the hallway cupboard. Jacco documents these thoughts and never stops. In the infinite patience of all things, there is a place for Jacco. Be warned."

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